Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget was one of the first home screen widgets released on the Android platform. The design is based on the classic mechanical flip clock. It has been around since Android 1.5 was first rolled out. Over the years, millions of users have downloaded and used it on their phones.

   Retro Clock Settings

Settings app which allows customization of the look and feel and functionality of Retro Clock Widget. It can be used to change the colors of the widget to perfectly match your home screen. It also allows you to set the shortcuts to any app on your device.

   OpenGL ES Reference

When working with the OpenGL API, having access to the reference pages is a must. Accessing them through the browser on your phone or tablet is not ideal. The pages are not mobile friendly and the embedded math renders poorly due to lack of MathML support in common browsers. This reference app provides the best reading experience for the OpenGL ES reference pages on your phone or tablet.