Ronald van der Lingen

Jan Campertlaan 125
2624PB Delft
The Netherlands +31 (0)6 2424 8737

Experienced professional with more than 15 years of experience in Software development. Since 2009 the primary focus has been on development for the Android platform. Has kept up with the evolution of Android over the years and is a strong advocate for modern Android best practices. This ranges from technical implementation to user experience design.

Interested in new technology and likes to work on the bleeding edge. Lots of experience with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. First Google Glass Explorer in the Benelux. Loves 3D printing.


Programming Languages Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Python, Perl, Swift, Objective C
Platforms Android, Linux, iOS
IDEs Android Studio, IntelliJ, CLion, Eclipse
APIs OpenGL ES (3.1, 2.0, 1.1)
Web HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Version control Git, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS, SourceSafe
3D design Blender, OpenSCAD
Languages Dutch (native), English (full professional proficiency)

Work Experience
Independent Android Developer September 2008 - present

Worked on several apps both for customers as well as self published apps in Google Play with millions of downloads. Available for freelance development work and technology consultancy. Experience with giving presentations and workshops.

Worked for several clients, including:
Ultimaker, R2Pro,, Blippar, Lectric, ING, Rabobank, Layar, SPRXMobile, The IP Company, KNMI

Freelance Android Developer Januari 2018 - June 2018

Responsible for the development of the new Ultimaker android app that was launch together with the new Ultimaker S5 3D printer. The main purpose of the app was to expose the web interface for managing the printer queue on mobile devices, and to allow subscribing to print job notifications.

  • Built app from the ground up using Kotlin and Android Architecture Components
  • Help translate the design to fit Android’s Material Design guidelines
  • Used jmDNS for network discovery of 3D printers
  • Used Firebase Cloud Messaging and Firebase Analytics
  • Created test framework to mock the 3D printer functionality

Technology used: Android, Kotlin, Room, Firebase, Koin, jmDNS, Gradle, Git

Freelance Developer Juli 2016 - June 2018

Worked with Floorplanner to create a new 3D rendering engine and to help explore the possibilities of new technologies, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

  • Created 3D rendering engine using OpenGL ES 2.0/3.1 in C++
  • Developed 3D floorplan viewer for their mobile app and SDK (Android + iOS)
  • Used Emscripten to bring the same 3D floorplan viewer to the web
  • Created prototype floorplan scanning tool using Google Tango technology
  • Developed AR SDK for showing furniture items using ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android

Technology used: Android, iOS, OpenGL ES 3.0, Google Tango, ARKit, ARCore, C++, NDK, Emscripten

Senior Android Developer and Head of R&D June 2014 - June 2016

After Blippar’s aqcuisition of Layar got involved with the Blippar app and technology. Among other things, worked on the following:

  • Implementation of a new camera pipeline for feeding the AR tracking engine
  • Bring a more Android look and feel to the Blippar app
  • Google Glass app for a Jaguar ad campaign
  • Created version of Blippar for AR glasses like Epson Moverio and ODG smart glasses
  • Integration of a JavaScript runtime in the Blippar engine (using duktape)
  • Extracted an SDK out of the Blippar app codebase

Technology used: Android, Java, Kotlin, Gradle, JNI, NDK, C++, OpenGL ES, Git, Mercurial

Research & Development Lead June 2009 - June 2016

Joined Layar in the early days as their Android developer. Experienced the full startup lifecycle with it’s ups and downs and learned a lot in the process. Took on many different roles and responsibilities with primary focus on Research & Development, Core technology and the Android app. Among other things, worked on the following:

  • Build the first 3D Augmented Reality browser for Android in 2009
  • Created 3D model converter (Java desktop) to bring 3D models into Layar
  • Build many prototypes to explore new technology
  • Developed and showcased a multiplayer AR game at Google Zeitgeist 2010
  • Responsible for designing and implementing our JSON based developer API
  • Created demo AR content for showcasing new API features
  • Worked with designers to ensure a proper Android UI design
  • Hosted a workshop about Layar content creation at SIGGRAPH Asia 2011
  • Created OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering engine in C++ shared between Android and iOS
  • Created JNI framework to bind Java and C++ classes for easy integration of shared code
  • Designed and implemented Layar SDK for integrating AR in other apps
  • Set up build process that builds the Layar app and Layar SDK from the same codebase
  • Worked with AR glasses manufacturers to the Layar technology to smart glasses
  • Designed and implemented Layar for Google Glass
  • Build Google Cardboard VR prototype to explore the combination of AR and VR
  • Created Blender Plugin and python library for creating complex 3D experiences for Layar
  • Supported customer projects both with AR content and SDK integration

Technology used: Android, Java, Kotlin, Gradle, JNI, NDK, C++, OpenGL ES, Computer Vision, Python, Blender, Git, Mercurial Jenkins, JIRA

Senior System Engineer May 2004 - July 2008

Contractor working for different customers, ranging from financial to defence industry. Main focus was Java software development, but also worked on small projects in different languages. Perfomed the role of Project Manager for several fixed price projects.

Worked for several clients, including:

University of California, Irvine
Research Student October 2002 - September 2003

Research in Software Engineering / Configuration Management. Developed MCCM (Modularly Configurable Configuration Management) which focused on reusability of CM models and CM policies in constructing CM systems. Publications in SCM 2003 and ICSE 2004.


Cources & Certificates
Certified ScrumMaster 2011
Prince 2 Practitioner 2007
Prince 2 Foundation (Score: 87%) 2006
Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform (Score: 90%) 2006
Project Management for Project- and Team Leaders, ISES 2005
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform (Score: 93%) 2004
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (Score: 91%) 2004

Erasmus University Rotterdam
M.Sc. Business Oriented Computer Science (Bestuurlijke Informatica) 1997 - 2004